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Introduction to our Service

  • Online Consulting
  • Blue Computer and CCTV is a full service security company. Our experienced consultants can arrange a meeting on-site or at our offices and review your current situation and concerns and provide appropriate options and solutions tailored to your specific security needs.

  • Installation
  • Either for your home or business, when you need an installation of a CCTV system (with exposed and/or covert cameras) or access control system, Blue Computer and CCTV installers will be there to provide you with the most professional and expertised installation while leaving the location in a clean and working order.

  • Monitoring Service
  • Blue Computer and CCTV provides monitoring services for your residence or business establishment through surveillance cameras and motion detection. Even if you own an existing camera system, we will be able to monitor you in most cases without replacing your existing system. Our IVM can also come equipped with a two-way audio, making it possible to address a situation through audio and video as it happens. The peace of mind and the other benefits to this service are endless, including reduction in security guard expenses, eliminating false alarm charges, and, in some cases, an insurance reduction of up to 15%.

  • Training
  • Blue Computer and CCTV provides on-site training for authorized staff and technical support to our customers who are trained by our experienced professionals.

  • Online Tech Support
  • Blue Computer and CCTV provide a free on-line tech support by using our website to give our customers feel free to solve the problems. By requesting a service, one of our technician will give a call early in the morning to solve the problem as soon as possible. All of our sources are in our website, you may download the files and may the quick guide book to solve the problem.

  • Online Service
  • Blue Computer and CCTV provide a free on-line service by using VNC which we can access to our customers' system and fix the problems. On-line services is very unique for those of customers who are not close to our office, since it's impossible to give an on-site service to those of customers who are outside of California. Those of people who doesn't know how to back-up the data. we can back-up the data by using VNC.

  • Phone Tech Support
  • Blue Computer and CCTV provide a free phone tech support during our business hours which is Monday thru Saturday 9AM to 6PM and by an appointment on Sunday. Those of customeres who need the tech-support right away. It's the best way to use on-line tech support or request the service.

  • Warranty
  • Blue Computer and CCTV offers one year limited warranty on our systems. Our technicians will mostly arrive at your site within a week to repair or replace any problems you may have. We also offer package Maintenance Contracts, for a nominal fee, with all our systems.